Your League Operators

Maggie Moore & Jim Xheka acquired their APA franchise in 1999. This franchise consists of Tazewell, Peoria, Stark, Marshall, Mclean,Knox & Woodford Counties.They immediately set out to accomplish one goal: provide their members with the best APA league experience possible. They especially enjoy meeting new APA members and watching them evolve into seasoned players. 
Jim who was an APA member for 10 years before becoming a League Operator wanted to make sure that all of the players knew about everything the APA had to offer.
Team, singles, doubles and Master's, and only regrets not taking part in the APA National Singles program before he became a L.O.
"One of the greatest feelings we get is when we see new players win the chance to compete at the national level be it singles or teams.
Each year we proudly send six teams to the APA National Team Championship in Las Vegas to compete.
We can see the excitement in their faces and how proud they are of their accomplishments. We are grateful to be a part of that and look forward to many more years of wonderful experiences with APA Pool League.